Meet The Maker

Hello – I’m Nic, a maker and designer based in Dorset, in the Southwest of England.

I’ve always had a passion for hands on, practical work – a need to make real things that I can be held and used. I began working with wood several years ago, trying different techniques and crafts until settling on turning and carving.

I love the simplicity of the wood and the endless possibilities it offers in the right hands.

I love the way a handmade wooden item has a natural warmth that can immediately reconnect its holder to nature and the world outside.

I love the slow and mindful process of working with wood. Turning a raw lump of timber into a beautiful, tactile and useful finished item.

And I love the way that that finished item, be it a bowl or a spoon or a plate, will settle and change over time and with each use. It will become part of its owner’s life, a treasured item to be cared for and enjoyed.

I don’t expect the world to turn away from mass produced goods. They have their place and always will. But there’s something special about a handmade piece. Something of its maker will always be imprinted within it. It hasn’t popped out of a machine or trundled down a production line. It’s come from a real person’s head, their hands, their workshop. They’ve handled it and finished it and cared for it before handing it over to you to look after. Not to use and dispose of, but to keep and care for and maybe one day hand on.

I still often find it difficult to part with the things I’ve made, each one of them is a little piece of me for the time that i’m working on it. So I hope that if you decide to buy one of my pieces that the love and care and attention that has gone into making it will shine through and bring you a little closer to nature and to our roots, wherever you might be.



The Wood 

Wherever possible I use salvaged or reclaimed wood. Wood that would otherwise have been burned or dumped, given a new purpose.

Some of these pieces will have remnants of their old life. The odd glint of a nail embedded in the wood, dents, discolouration or the hint of an old screw hole. Even freshly sourced wood will have its own imperfections – knots and cracks and variations in the grain. This is what makes handmade wooden items so tactile and intriguing and personal to their owner.

Wherever possible I use only native British species of wood and ensure that any new timber is sourced sustainably and responsibly.



The Work

I’m a practical, down to earth person, but also a bit of a perfectionist, and these are qualities I strive for in my work.

I love simple forms that allow the natural qualities of the wood to shine through.

I like the idea of producing useful things that people will interact with, so many of my pieces are designed with a practical purpose in mind. They are inherently tactile, often with soft curves and a surface that’s irresistibly smooth to the touch.



The Finish

Wood is an ancient natural material and as such it’s important to me to use natural materials wherever possible as a protective finish.

Once they’ve been turned or carved and sanded, each piece is finished with several coats of natural oil and wax and then carefully polished to a soft silky sheen before being sent out into the world.